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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes Winners!!!!

Congratulations to Elena Starz, Sophia, and MJ are the winners of my first contest! Each one of you nabbed 7 of 8. As stated, all three of you win a customized/personalized cap done by me! Anything goes in these caps, tell me exactly what you would like for your cap on this or any post, and I will do my best to get it done in a timely manner. For all of you who are wondering who the famous 8 were they were;

1) Katy Perry
2) Emma Stone
3) Kim Kardashian
4) Kristen Stewart
5) Heidi Klum
6) Zooey Deshanel
7) Allison Brie
8) Sara Bareilles

I hope everyone was at least entertained with the contest. New cap up soon!


  1. thanks so much for the contest and prize is very kind of you.

    heres my idea

    Spoiled teen rich-boys new stepmom takes him out of high priced private school and uses the money saved to surgically feminize him and buy him an outrageously femmy new wardrobe and boudior.
    Then sends him to school at the toughest public school in the Ghetto (where his life is a living hell).

    if the photo could be a youngish woman in a big fur that would be great.

  2. I absolutely love the idea. Incredibly brilliant. My question is if you would like to be the spoiled teen rich-boy, and if so, what names should I use?

  3. yeah i imagine it being me lol

    new name maybe Fifi or Camilla something really haughty and girly!
    not sure on old name something overly macho?