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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Contest!

Hello Sissies! I am pleased to announce Missy's Sissy Caps first contest! Hooray! To celebrate all the success, I am going to have a contest with the winners recieving their very own, costumized cap! Hooray, again! My first cap was called "A Mile In Her Shoes" and to commemorate it, I have selected 8 different girls that I would love to be for that mile. Here is the catch, you have to guess who these girls are. In the comments section, I will give you the 8 clues to the 8 girls and you will be responsible for finding out whose shoes I want to be in. Now here are the rules:

1) You must be a follower. Not a big issue if you aren't already, just start following me and you can play.

2) You have until February 26 to complete this.

3) Once you have an answer, comment it in another cap.

4a) The first 3 people to get all 8 will get the prize.

4b) Answer as many as you can. If you can't answer them all, don't fret, put down as many as you can because if not all 3 can answer, then the person with the most will get the prize.

5) The Prize is a completely customized cap to your specifications. You tell me what you want in your cap, from general requests like a revenge story, to something specific like wanting the girl to have blonde hair. This cap is for you!

I hope you all enjoy doing this. Have fun and remember to follow the rules! Good luck!


  1. 1) Walking in her shoes, was my teenaged dream, but I wouldn’t stop there. I wouldn’t know where to begin with all those cute outfits in her closet.

    2) Routinely graded an Easy A on the red carpet, this newly blonde bombshell makes it cool to be Superbad, and if given the chance to walk in her shoes, I most certainly would.

    3) She is a definite asset to this and any list. I can only imagine how fun this socialite has on a day to day basis.

    4) She’s the Bella of the ball. This girl loves rock and roll and continues to put a dime in the jukebox.

    5) The Secret’s out, I would give anything to be this German Angel for a day.

    6) This indie pop goddess has such an amazing sense of style, making vintage dresses and skirts look fun. I wouldn’t want to settle for being in her shoes for 1 day; I would want 500 days to do so. Preferably in the Summer.

    7) Her looks could make Mad Men sane, but this brunette shows that it takes a Community, not a village, to raise a child.

    8) She may have an issue with Kings, but if I were given the chance to be in her shoes for a day, I could be Queen of Anything. It wouldn’t matter How Many Miles I walked in her shoes, I would just be happy to do so.

  2. This contest is a really wonderful idea! Just as clarification, do you want answers to be posted as a comment on this post specifically, or as a comment on any of your latest post?

  3. I would prefer you to pick any of the other posts. I think it should at least help in the sense that other people won't steal your answers.

  4. i'll have a go as i love yours caps so much!

    1)katy perry
    2)emma stone
    3)kim kardashian
    4)kristin stewart
    5)diane kruger
    6)zooey deschanel
    7)alison brie