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Monday, August 13, 2012

Jordan's a Slam Dunk at Sissy Camp

Hey everyone, yet another tale from Missy's Sissy Camp today, this one is for Erin who sent Jordan to my wonderful little camp! With a name like Jordan, it seemed hard not to go the basketball route, especially given the fact that USA won yesterday. So here is to you, Erin. I hope you like Jordan's new look!


  1. I'm a simple girl, with simple pleasures :)

    I just never really tire of a transformed sissy cheerleader sucking cock....

    It's the little things :)


  2. Now there's a cheerleader who's destined for greatness! Ive always felt the best cheering is done inside the locker room

  3. I love it, looks like she loves it too.

  4. I do want to be a sissy to. I see that beautiful cock and soooo want to suck it. Please!!!!

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