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Sunday, July 30, 2017

I'm Back! and a Contest!

Hey everyone, long time no see. Great new, I've got a lot of great work I'm going to be sharing with you starting tomorrow. But before I do, I found this wonderful picture and it has given me the idea for a particularly devilish story. It will be a long one too. I'd like to have more pictures to go with it but I don't know the model or the people who made it. If you have any idea who this is or how I can find it, I will write you a caption to your liking! It can be about whatever you want! So please help me make an unbelievable caption story and find this girl!


  1. Pretty sure this is Jesse Jane. I couldn't track down this exact photo/scene, but her face looks familiar and I think the tattoo on the back matches her's (see this image for comparison: https://cdn.pornpics.com/pics/2014-10-13/155154_16big.jpg).

    1. She's done a lot of scenes too, so plenty of pics to choose from! If you have sites you like go for it, but Pornpics is my go-to site nowadays if that helps!

  2. I agree with Elena, that's definitely Jesse Jane. I knew I'd seen her before.

  3. Not only is she indeed Jesse Jane, but the picture is from a photoshoot, more images of which are found here:


    - B-Rex