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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey everyone! New cap, as you can probably tell. I had a question I wanted to ask my readers, what do you guys want to see more? What caps do you like? If there are particular caps you've enjoyed, let me know. If you thought some were weaker than others, same deal. I'd like to accommodate your wants. That being said, if you don't, I'm going to continue doing what I have been doing, which might not be bad either.


  1. I like caps with naked sissy's in them

  2. i adore all of your caps

    but i love your ones where a deserving exmale loses all status and has a totally new sissy lifestyle

    and/or when they made to look supa slutty and bimboish and exposed to people from their past life

    this one was silly and cute i like it when sissy is talked to and treated like a toddler !